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5.0 5 reviews

Treat yourself this November by nourishing your skin and your soul. Gratitude Diosa Box features all natural and non toxic items!! Green Goddess Mask, Nourish Facial Serum, Finding Gratitude Journal, Kona Body Coffee Scrub, and Pike Place Dipping Herbs for a total value of $73. Looking for a gift? This would be perfect for the special lady in your life. Say "Thanks for all you do..." with the Gratitude Diosa Box! Gifts items come with a small card that has a gold heart stamped on the cover. Be sure to include a personalized message at checkout! Please note this is a one time purchase that will not renew.

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5.0 5 reviews

Customer Reviews

Alissa K. - 12/14/2016


LOVE all the products in this box! Really made me feel like a goddess receiving and opening this box! Every gal deserves to feel so special! Celebrate YOU! Love it!

Danielle R. - 12/12/2016

Simply fantastic!

Who doesn't love opening a beautiful box full of surprises! I felt beyond excited when I received my Gratitude themed Diosa Box and couldn't be happier with the products inside. It was well put together and very thoughtful...the goodies inside flowed together so nicely! I can definitely see this being a go-to when it comes to trying to find the perfect gift! We all have those times where we can't think of what we want to give to someone special--this is it! There's variety for an amazing value, the products are full sized, and the packaging is beautiful. Fantastic subscription box!

Jayna K. - 12/06/2016

Grateful for Gratitude!!!

Opening my first Diosa Box felt like Christmas morning! It was so much fun not knowing exactly to expect. The presentation was simple but well thought out and I couldn't wait to dig in! I was really impressed with the variety of goodies-super well rounded selection! The gratitude journal has been helpful with reminding me that no matter what is going on in my life, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for...and that keeps me grounded. I love to cook but I'm not so keen on what spices go together, so the organic herbs have been a super easy and delicious go-to when I'm on a pinch. The face mask is smooth and light, and I love the fresh, soft texture of my face after I wash it off! I am a HUGE exfoliation fanatic and a total coffee lover so to have the two come together to make me pretty = 😁😁😁 My absolute favorite product in this box is the facial serum! OMG I would swallow that shiz if I could!!! It smells good, it feels good and my boyfriend wants to lick my face off before we go to bed! I heart Diosa Box so hard!!

ANTONIA F. - 12/07/2016

A smokin' deal on some stellar products!

I love this box so much that after I received mine, I ended up buying one for my mother... and then for every subsequent birthday girl in my life. It's THAT good and the value for the price is aaahmazing!

Kari S. - 12/07/2016

That packaging alone... *SWOON*!

Aside from being a product fanatic, I'm also a designer, and few things please me more than good branding and packaging. Opening my Diosa box, I already felt like a goddess! :) It was so luxurious and pleasing to the senses. I seriously cannot recommend this enough as a holiday (and beyond) gift for the women in your life - from co-workers to partners to grandmothers. The wonderful contents are top-quality, classic and appealing to all ages, and the pleasure gleaned from receiving a Diosa box is priceless (despite the wonderfully reasonable price tag). It's very clear how much energy the founders put in to these collections and how much they care about their customers. Thanks for putting together such a lovely offering, ladies!

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